Monetize your audience.
Build your own social network.

Give your followers what they crave - a place of their own to engage with you. Add recurring revenue to your business by charging for access.

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Paid Memberships

Whether it's free or monthly, charge members to access your content with automatted billing.

Private Spaces

Segment your members into groups and deliver only the content they need to see.

Better Engagement

By using SMS to deliver your notifications, 98% of your audience receives your posts and messages.

One plan does fit all

Whether your network has 10 or 10,000 members, we never charge per user.


Each plan includes future updates and the following:

  • Custom login page for your network
  • Support for a custom domain to brand your network
  • One local phone number to deliver your messages
  • 2K messages/month to text your audience
  • Unlimited members
  • Unlimited groups to organize members
  • Ability to schedule messages
  • All membership fees (We take nothing)
  • Unlimited membership plans with recurring revenue

  • One month of Tekst Concierge™ with personal marketing support

Share your influence

You’ve spent a lot of time, money, and risk mastering your information. Here are some ideas on what you can build with Tekst.

Training Center

If you have the credentials, why not train rising stars on how to succeed in your field?

Daily Text App

Feeling inspirational? Use your influence to send consistent encouragement to your members.

Private YouTube Channel

Who doesn't love a good instructional video? Send them directly to your audience.

Event Alerts

If you already throw great parties, let everyone know when the next event is happening.

Ready to build?

We are currently only working with a few high-profile brands to build their Tekst communities. If you already have major, real-world influence and see the benefit of using Tekst, request an invite to get started.

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